About Us

hi. we're BEVY

we're really into funky, unique, industrial-looking jewelry and pieces that have a lot of meaning-- two things that don't often mix.

on a plane ride back from new york city, our founder fatima (hi!) noticed a really trendy, hipster girl wearing a necklace with hearts gemstones that didn't match her skinny jeans, beanie, and motorcycle boots...at all.

while we're sure this piece had a ton of meaning, we wondered if we could do just a bit better: combine sexy, chic, and modern with personal and meaningful. that's when we came up with the GRID necklace-- our first signature piece.

what is the GRID?

gone are the days of frilly hearts, birthstones, or obvious "special occasion" fare. the GRID is the first industrial-chic necklace that celebrates a special date without compromising style. with the GRID, you can walk down the street with a stellar necklace on and its special meaning will rest with you and only you. 

how it works:

say you want to celebrate your anniversary, which was on valentine's day 1996. we'll make you a customized pendant in gold or silver that commemorates you singular special date with black antiquing just like this:

our necklackes come in two styles: